Food can bring people together and is the way many cultures express themselves. However, every culture in the world has a different cuisine. They may use different ingredients, spices, and preparation methods. But at heart, when someone serves you food, it is a sign of respect and love in most cultures.  

Traveling around the world can expose you to different cuisines from remote areas. But you can even get all the recipes sitting at home. All you need is a good internet connection like Cox wifi plans and you can watch chefs and home cooks from all over share their traditional recipes. A dosa from India, pizza from Italy, or fish and chips from the UK. Everything is well within your reach. 

Pizza - Italy 

The Italians take their food very seriously and that is why their pizzas are famous all over the world. The simple baked flatbed has found a home in many countries. And each may have its own rendition of the pizza now. However, authentic Italian pizza usually has a thin and crispy crust, bare minimum toppings of fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil. It is then baked at a high temperature for a few minutes in a wood-fired oven.  

The San Marzano tomatoes and fresh basil are what truly sets the authentic Neapolitan pizza apart from others. Other variations of pizza come from New York, Detroit, and Chicago where each has a different type of crust. 

Biryani - South Asia

Biryani is one of the most famous rice dishes around the world that originates from different parts of South Asia. Hyderabadi, Sindhi, and Bombay biryani are the most famous versions. The aromatic rice dish has a lot of flavors but all of them work well with each other. The protein of choice can be chicken, beef, fish, or mutton. Rice is boiled with some spices and then layered with the chicken biryani gravy and then steamed. It brings all the flavors together and is served with spiced curd and a fresh salad of greens. 

Tacos - Mexico

Mexican food is rich in flavor and the spices bring a certain character to every dish. One of the most famous dishes from Mexico is tacos. The versatility of the taco brings it to gourmet tasting menus and street food carts alike. Traditionally tacos only used corn shell tortillas but now you can also see flour tortillas as well. The taco can be a hard or soft shell and is usually filled with classic Pico de Gallo, crema, beans, rice, fresh cilantro, and sometimes a cheese like feta. You may make a mess when eating a taco but it will be well and truly worth it. 

Apfel Strudel - Austria

Bringing in a dessert to the mix is Austria’s apple strudel. It is a close recipe to American apple pie but the spices and preparation methods are different. The traditional strudel uses Granny Smith or any other tart apple type. After cooking the apple down, it is filled inside a sweet and flaky pastry dough and baked till golden and crispy. It is usually served at tea time and also paired with afternoon coffee. 

Poutine - Canada

Canadian poutine almost looks like a mess on a plate. However, the flavors are going to make you think twice about the appearance. Traditional poutine is a bed of sliced and fried potatoes topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. The end product is comfort food that many people around the world enjoy. The locals will tell you that it is best as a midnight snack after you’ve had a few drinks.  

Chicken Rice - Singapore

Chicken rice is one of the simplest recipes that is still packed with a whole lot of flavors. It is called the national dish of Singapore and can be seen on the menus of almost every restaurant. The preparation includes steaming or boiling chicken which is served on top of greasy rice. But the condiments on the side are what make the dish. Chicken rice almost always comes with a side of sliced cucumber, dark soy sauce, and a chili ginger garlic sauce. There is nothing more unique than the simple pleasure this dish will give you. 

Seafood Paella - Spain

Paella and its many forms are the most popular and traditional dish in Spain. And some might even call it the national dish. However, the dish originates from Valencia and is a cultural symbol in the region. With the power of the internet, however, paella is now popular all over the world. The traditional seafood paella is always made in a copper pan and is eaten straight from it. It is a combination of some herbs and spices with rice, mussels, shrimp, lobster, and cuttlefish.  

Natto - Japan

Natto is a traditional Japanese dish and has fermented whole soybeans. The traditional natto uses “nattokinase” for the fermentation process. It is one of the most traditional foods in Japan and is very popular. The fermented soybeans become super sticky and Japanese people love to eat them with rice or plain with a chopstick.