Amazon has completely revolutionized the game by a single addition to your home system. The Amazon Firestick is an excellent tool for all kinds of entertainment in your house. With the Firestick apps, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows and do so much more. It even gives you access to great utility apps for safety, news, and live TV. While many apps are worthwhile, some others will just take up space on your drive.  

The right apps add value to your overall Amazon Firestick experience. Some others have no real purpose other than beautification and aesthetics. I had Optimum cable packages, a big-screen TV, and an Amazon Firestick, and quarantine just flew by. It is all you will ever need to stay entertained. Here are some of the best Amazon Firestick apps:   


A VPN keeps you safe and secure on the internet. Whenever you go online, there is always a risk for data exposure. Therefore, a VPN is for those who want to stay anonymous online. Hackers, data scientists, and governments use your online data to keep an eye on you. You are never secure on the internet if you don’t use a VPN. You can change your location to access content that is unavailable in your region. ExpressVPN is a safe and reliable choice for Firestick VPNs. It is one of the best apps you can download on your Firestick and is very easy to install.  

Cinema APK  

It is a widely popular Android app that is also Firestick and remote-friendly. Cinema APK is a streaming service that does not host any original content. Instead, you can find links from multiple streaming sites in one place to watch your favorite shows. The app is lightweight and chooses the best links for streaming. You can get access to hundreds of hours of stream-able content through this free Firestick app.  


Popcornflix is another app for people who want to watch movies and TV shows for free. The app is officially supported in 60 countries. Even if your country doesn’t have it, you can download the APK file from a third-party website. The app gives you access to documentaries, movies, and TV shows from across the globe. It even has some amazing original web series.   


Kodi has multiple entertainment options that include video and audio streaming. You can play music from playlists or even search for your favorite tunes. The best part about Kodi might be the sleek user interface. You will have fun watching the shows and also enjoy how smoothly the app runs. The free app is totally compatible with Firestick, and you should get it now.  


If you don’t find what you are looking for on the free apps, you might want to invest some money. The Netflix app needs no introduction. You will have to pay for a subscription, but it is worth it. There are multiple screen options, and you can use them on other devices as well. There is a wide variety of content available, and the video quality can go up to 4K. You get access to a large number of original Netflix shows exclusive to the platform. It sounds like a complete bargain already.  

HBO Max  

HBO Max is another streaming outlet that you will have to pay for. HBO makes some of the most amazing movies and TV shows. They have given us hits like Game of Thrones and is currently showing a Gossip Girl reboot. The endless variety of shows provides hours of binge-worthy content. If you do not want to miss out on great shows, you should get an HBO Max subscription. The app is fully compatible with Amazon Firestick and will work like a charm.  


If you are a fan of science, history, and everything else on Discovery Network, this is the right app for you. It provides a really good balance between informational and entertaining content. It is especially great for people with kids who want to expose them to non-fiction content. The app offers shows from Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TLC, and so much more. The documentaries are captivating, and you will thank us later for this recommendation.  


Other than online streaming apps, your Firestick can also give you access to live TV channels. OLA TV is one such amazing app. You can access many satellite channels worldwide, specifically from the UK, USA, and Canada. The app has a user-friendly interface and groups the channels by country and other categories. The app is fully compatible with Firestick and remote navigation as well.  

BBC News  

It is not just about entertainment, and you can use Firestick to keep in touch with current affairs. BBC News is one of the most reliable news networks globally and has a web of journalists all around the world. If you are looking for unbiased and reliable reporting with no ad disturbances, this is it. The app on Amazon Firestick will keep you hooked on the latest happenings.